Top 10 Reasons for Keeping a Dive Log

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1. you have a countersigned record of dives for later training

Whether you are interested in technical diving or going pro some time in the future, you will need a dive log showing you have enough experience to move to the next level. Some resorts even insist on seeing dive logs before they will take you to some more advanced dive sites. In these days of increasing litigation it is good for them and for you to know that your fellow divers are experienced enough for the dive.

2. you can track how much you breathe and see it improve

We all want to spend as much time underwater as we can. Usually are limits are set by how fast we breathe our air. It is really nice to see how much we relax over time and our breathing slows to give us more time underwater.

3. its a journal of your diving adventures you can show and tell

You come back from your vacation buzzing with great stories of your dives. Pull out your dive log with your photos and you can answer all the ‘how deep/how long/how warm’ questions. When you get your buddy to sign your log book you can put names to faces on your group photos as well!

4. the quickest way to check the weights you need for different kit

If you dive throughout the year in different waters you will be snugged up on some and minimal on others. Why waste any time on your first day of your vacation testing for weight when you can look it up directly from last year?

5. its where you collect your shop chops

Some of them are funky, some plain. Shop chops (or stamps) are only available from the dive resort after a dive. How many do you have?

6. a great excuse to get that cute diving guide to share his/her email

No diver is going to refuse to sign your dive log and while you are standing there its easy to suggest you stay in contact. Need we say more?

7. your manta ray sighting is recorded for all time

You might want to frame it and put it on the wall (or record it on an online dive log for all to see) but you definitely want to record it for posterity!

8. helps you learn fish identification

Your dive log is the perfect place to keep notes and sketches of fish you could not identify underwater. It already contains information about the dive site and depth you were at, both of which help narrow down potential species. You never know when you will bump into a marine biologist and you can whip out your dive log and impress them with your drawing!

9. easy comparison of dive sites year on year

Do you have a favourite vacation destination? If you go back to the same dive sites often, just a few notes in your dive log will help you track changes in fish life and environmental changes.

10. its got all the stats of your favourite sport

How many? how deep? what countries? how often? Its all there with a dive log. With a paper log you have to add things up yourself but there are many software dive logs and online dive logs that will do it automatically for you. It’s not everyone’s bag, but well all love to compare and discuss so let some somewhere do it for you and you always have the information at hand.

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