How to Choose a Skydiving Training Method

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by: Ispas Marin

After you calculate all your time and cash available for skydiving, you will be able to choose between three first jump skydiving methods. Static line, tandem and AFF (Accelerated Free Fall).

These methods are pretty different because if a method will give you some experience as a introduction to skydiving the other one it’s made to quick jump your path to a very experienced skydiver.You have to think about your alternatives. You have to set some clear points in your mind. Think about these three options you have and then just choose one, the one that best fit your expectations. Whichever skydiving method you will choose for your first jump, will be a good one, just because you choosed it.

Let’s learn a few things about each of the skydiving methods we outlined at the beginning of this article.

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